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Compounding and Sports Medicine

Athletes who are facing an injury want to heal as fast, but as well, as they can. Compounding the medications they need for their diagnosis can help them do just that. Using a customized medication will give you a safe yet effective way to get back to your active lifestyle.

It’s important to understand what a compounding pharmacy does for starters. Compounding pharmacists prepare medications customized to an individual’s needs verses the standard drug formula. They are able to change things like dosage amounts, ingredients, and even how the medication is delivered. Combinations of medications can also be created which is beneficial to a patient who might need multiple medications for their injury. Those multiple prescriptions can be compounded into one convenient dosage.

One of the most common reasons for a someone with a sport injury to use a compound version of their medication is they can be tailored to fit your body. Most of the time athletes are more lean, meaning more muscle and less fat. This causes them to burn calories more quickly than your average person. Compounding their needed drugs can help keep the medications in their system longer which promotes better healing.

Commonly athletes also like compounding the way they receive their meds. For example, some people experience extreme discomfort as a side effect from anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxers, which also happen to be two of the most common sport’s injury medications. Compounding pharmacies can take these medications that are normally tablets and create balms, creams, and ointments instead. This bypasses the digestive tract and offers a more direct way to target the painful area.

Athletes may need a very specific prescription or need it long term for an injury, but felt some less than great issues from the medication before. Removing components from a medication that could cause the discomfort or allergic reaction is something else compounding pharmacies are often used for, athlete or not.

Compounding drugs used to be the norm however mass manufacturing of common drugs moved the medical community a little more towards the ease of on hand meds despite the benefits of custom prescriptions. Wellspring Custom Pharmacy is happy to provide you with a healthcare solution for whatever approach you need.

What is the difference between regular and compounding pharmacies?

What is the difference between regular and compounding pharmacies?

You’ve probably heard of compounding pharmacies, but maybe you aren’t sure what they do. You expect to walk into a pharmacy, pick up a prescription, and head on your way, but it isn’t always that simple. Sometimes you need a little change, and that’s where compounding comes in.

In short, a compounding pharmacy creates medication tailored to you. Unique dosage and forms of delivery are two of the most requests. Local pharmacies are restricted to the commercial version of a drug, white compound pharmacies are able to create a dose that will work most effectively for your height, weight, and severity of condition. Have the option of how your medication is delivered gives a lot of patients peace of mind and is also handy for children. Commercial medications often only come in one form, but not everyone is able to use that one form. Having your liquid made into a cream, tablet into an ointment, or powder into a tablet can make it easier for you to be able to properly take your medication.

Compounding pharmacies specialize in creating medication to meet the special needs of a patient, especially for children. Giving your child medication can be lead to quite the battle and frustration. Using a compounding pharmacy can help squash that struggle. Your child’s prescription can easily be made into a powder that can be hid in food, or a cream that can be applied smoothly. Adding flavors to medications that will be still be given by mouth is a simple but effective method that compounding pharmacies also have the ability to do.

With traditional compounding pharmacies becoming common across the US, people are able to get their prescriptions on their terms more than ever. Wellspring Compounding Pharmacy is ready to help you figure out what is best for you and your medications.